A Learning Community in Action


We embrace the complexity of the polycrisis, recognizing no single response can meet the scale of the challenges. Rather than promoting any specific approach, we foster open-ended exploration of possibilities. Our community cultivates diverse perspectives, creative insights, and collective wisdom applied in context.

As crises compound, funders increasingly seek to comprehend global disruptions and identify sustainable solutions. As a learning network, we provide frameworks, tools, and insights for assessing the cascading impacts of funding decisions.

Grounded in on-the-ground expertise, our Resilience Practitioner Series convenes long-form peer-led dialogues with those navigating crises on their frontlines. Through participatory engagement, we expand our mental models and explore practical strategies. The goal is not definitive solutions but rather strengthening solidarity and expanding creative possibilities through collaboration.

By gathering wisdom from global efforts, small to large, we aim to nurture understanding and imagination to meet this moment. We believe localized resilience and systemic transformation can inform one another as we build towards more just, sustainable futures.

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